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It's never been easier to give your clients financing options.

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Get approved to join the network! Clicking on the “Sign Up” button will start the quick and easy application process. Once approved, a confirmation email will be sent, and you can view and update your attorney profile.

Seamless Experience

Your clients receive the highest quality experience when financing through LawFi. Integrating LawFi into your practice will provide fast, easy, and personalized Legal Fee Loans for your clients within minutes, not days!

Get Paid Upfront

You get paid upfront while your client pays us over time.

No pain, No paperwork, and No recourse

There is no-recourse whatsoever to lawyers. The process is hands-off. There is no handling of loan paperwork, sensitive information, loan management, servicing, or collections. Simply point your new and existing clients to LawFi and we do the rest. It’s a Win/Win for all parties.

Who We Are Helping

Our unique platform is built to break down the barriers afflicting those who are ineligible for free legal aid but still unable to afford an attorney.

Faster than ever before

Fast & Simple Application and Decisions

Thorough Screening

Not just a credit score! We analyze alternative data sources, not only reported credit data. We look at employment and income data, and cash flow when conducting a personalized assessment.

Instant Financing

Instant Legal Fee FinancingAt any participating Lawyer's Office or Website On your phone or desktop


Superpowered Solutions


Access Loans Anytime, Anywhere with LawFi's Mobile and Web Portal!

LawFi financing enables legal clients to quickly and easily access our loan application portal from any mobile or web device, from the lawyer’s website, or by clicking our Request-for-Loan links embedded in law firm emails, engagement letters, and invoices.

Simple loan application and management

Your One-Stop Legal Loan Solution for Fast, Affordable, and Convenient Financing!

Fast application and decisions.
Low cost and low interest loans.
Finance: Consultation Fees, Retainer Fees, and any Legal Invoice.
Set-it-and-Forget-it loan repayment made directly from paycheck.
Fast & Secure Text-to-Pay invoice payments.

Paygreement™ Payment Plans

Hassle-Free Legal Invoice Payments without Loans or Credit Checks!

LawFi Paygreement Payment Plans automate the legal invoice payment experience between legal bill payors and legal billers.

Creates instant payment plans for those who can’t qualify for a legal fee loan.
Creates a payment performance agreement, not a Loan Agreement.
No credit checks necessary.
Low to no interest plans.
Enables automated negotiations to create payment plans.          

Pay Instantly™

Pay Instantly™ Receive real-time instant payments 24/7/365!

Join the first real-time payments solution for law firms in the United States. Start receiving and sending funds in seconds, not days. Three days earlier than ACH and for up to 80% less than card fees. Accept low-cost, guaranteed payments directly from client bank accounts. Make funds instantly available to clients when making retainer refunds or settlement payouts.

End-to-end guaranteed payments

Leveraging Open Banking technology, our account-to-account solution handles the entire payment journey, from initiation to collection.

Minimize processing costs and improve acceptance rates.
Enhance the legal fee payment experience with instant payments.
Payment guarantee – Eliminates chargebacks or NSF returns.

No more delays over holidays and weekends

Even same day ACH payments can take hours or days to process. Our Pay Instantly™ instant payments helps you get paid within 60 seconds and is available 24/7/365 for up to 80% less the cost of  processing fees charged for traditional payment methods. No more waiting for the next business day, or over weekends or holidays to see deposits in your bank accounts.

LAWFI Benefits

Providing clients alternative financing options for paying their legal fees and costs can be the difference between retaining a client or turning one away.

Increased Profitability

Eliminate accounts receivables

Reduce operating expenses

Eliminate bad debt expense

Increase cash flow

Add More Clients

Offer a brand-new financing option that has never been available, until now...

Differentiate your practice from others and expand your pool of potential clients.

FINANCE MOST ANY CLIENT because our fast decision engine is not based solely on CREDIT SCORES!

Attract and close more clients without additional marketing expenseAccelerate the growth of your practice.

Eliminate the affordability problem and cost objectionsBuild client loyalty.

Improved Efficiency

Get paid faster - instant upfront payment of feesTurn slow-paying clients into paid clientsConvert prospective clients into paying clients.

LawFi is not a Litigation Finance Company or Alternative Investment Fund “investing” in a portfolio of legal cases.

Lawfi Provides legal clients true consumer and business installment loans.

LawFi is the first-of-its-kind digital point-of-service lending platform purpose-built for the legal profession. LawFi provides legal clients true consumer and business installment loans specifically crafted for the financing of legal fees and costs.

Bar Approved Legal Financing

Leveraging recent ABA Opinion 484 and The Florida Bar Opinion 16-2 lawyers may participate in fee financing arrangements using a fee financing company, and lawyers may further acquire an interest in or form a finance company or brokerage and thereafter refer clients to that entity provided that they comply withModel Rule 1.8(a).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my entire firm need to sign up or can I sign up on my own behalf?

While we would love for your entire firm to sign up, you can sign up individually. Keep in mind that we will fund loans directly into a bank account at your firm, so you need to have authorization for those deposits. You’ll also have the opportunity to refer colleagues to the network from your attorney dashboard.

Can I appeal if I’m not approved to join the network?

Yes, we would be glad to speak with you. If access to the network is declined, you will have the opportunity to email us at

Do I pay a fee to join the network?

No, we do not charge a fee for simply joining our network of attorneys. Once a loan is approved, a financing fee as a percentage of the approval amount will be deducted from the proceeds.

Are there any limits on the size of investment I can make in LawFi?

The Roll Up Vehicle (RUV) investment is based on number of units and not the amount of investment. Generally, investments range from $25,000 to $250,000.

Still have questions?

Join Our Attorney Network

It is free and easy to sign up and add LawFiLegal Fee Financing to your practice!We are currently signing lawyers from all practice areas to participate in our design, beta testing, and pilot launch.

Opportunities to invest are limited but will be offered periodically by LawFi. Click on the “Invest in LawFi” button to learn more.

Become a part of reinventing the lawyer procurement and payment experience. Help lawyers empower more inclusive access to legal services.

Pilot participants will receive some unique perks and be added to our exclusive Founding Legal Partners list.

Network attorneys are given the opportunity to participate in the success of LawFi by investing in the company through Roll Up Vehicles (RUVs) offered through

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