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Access to Justice for Everyone
Financial Fairness for All

The easiest and fastest way to pay and get paid legal fees!
The first purpose-built Artificial Intelligent (AI) Legal Fee Financing™ platform empowering more inclusive access to legal services and credit.  
LawFi's platform offers simple and transparent point-of-service legal fee loans and guaranteed payment plans to finance attorney consultations, retainers, and legal fees.  

Our Mission

LawFi seeks to make legal services more accessible and affordable for all.
LawFi is driven to bring more financial inclusion to the legal system. LawFi helps to solve longstanding Access to Justice problems through the use of financial technology and the deployment of capital into a new category of loans we are creating - the "Legal Fee Loan."        

How We Do It 

By providing a proprietary Legal Fee Lending platform, fintech tools, and funding capital for lawyers to easily embed our solutions into their practices at every communication point with new and existing clients.


Who We Are Helping

Our unique platform is built to break down the barriers afflicting those who are ineligible for free legal aid but still unable to afford an attorney.

166 million
Americans living Paycheck-to-paycheck 
60 million
Low-Income Consumers
30 million
Small to Midsize Businesses

Features Designed To Work For Everyone

Everyone Deserves Legal Representation


Lawyers Deserve to Get Paid Timely

The biggest challenge still facing the legal industry is the fact that most people and small businesses don’t have access to affordable legal services or justice. Too many legal cases are lost or never answered because people can't find an affordable attorney or one willing to work out a payment plan.

Lawyers are hesitant to take on clients who can't show an ability to pay their fees timely. This causes barriers to accessing the legal services needed. The lack of financial inclusion leaves 166 million Americans who live paycheck-to-paycheck stuck in the pervasive Access to Justice Gap.     

We built LawFi to help fill the massive Access to Justice Gap. We achieve our goal by providing the easiest, fastest, and most modern way to pay and finance legal fees. We've invented the industry's first proprietary decision engine that customizes legal fee loan products and guaranteed payment plans. Our solutions remove financial friction and barriers to accessing legal services. 


We want to ensure everyone can access justice through affordable and accessible legal services, regardless of their situation or net worth. We are passionate about improving the legal and financial health of every person and small business in America.        

Fast & Simple Application and Decisions 

Not just a credit score! We analyze alternative data sources, not only reported credit data. We look at employment and income data, and cash flow when conducting a personalized assessment. 

Instant Legal Fee Financing

  • At any participating Lawyer's Office or Website 

  • On your phone or desktop

Because Everyone Deserves Representation, 
Access to Justice, and Affordable Credit   

No need to borrow from friends or family to retain a Lawyer
Eliminate having to use expensive Credit Cards and Payday Loans


Apply directly for LawFi financing from our website or through Request-for-Loan links provided by any Lawyer in our network

When a legal need arises and requires legal representation, don't ignore it or go without the legal help you need. Apply for a LawFi Legal Fee Loan and secure a pre-approval letter to take to any lawyer you want. If you already have a lawyer who is not in the LawFi network but need help financing your legal fees, ask them to consider offering or accepting LawFi and point them to us. We will take care of the rest for you!    

  • Fast Application and Decisions
  • Loans based on your Circumstances
  • No More Unaffordable Retainer Fees
  • Get the Legal Help you Need

LawFi Combines Breakthrough AI Technologies for Faster and Better Credit Decisions to Empower Everyone with Affordable Access to Justice.

LawFi offers fast and easy approval of loans specifically designed for Lawyer Consultations, Retainers, and Legal Fees, including current and past-due invoices. Unlike traditional credit extended only to those with prime credit scores, we analyze financial accounts, cash flow, and unreported bill payments, such as rent and utilities, to determine the creditworthiness of anyone. Our intelligent AI credit decisions are based on your employment, income, and spending habits, not solely credit scores. Never again will you have to ignore your legal problems or go without legal representation due to an inability to obtain traditional credit to cover legal fees.  

  • Instant Lawyer Retainer and Legal Fee Financing
  • Get the legal help you need without worrying about how you can afford it.

A Solution Long Overdue

We are building the first purpose-built platform to lead the digital transformation of the legal industry from its antiquated legacy “all-cash” payment options and archaic systems.


We understand Lawyers are great at practicing law but not well-suited for increasing digital and mobile-first commerce or the innovation required for modern legal commerce to evolve and flourish.


Our platform addresses these problems. By using our modern lender technology embedded into the lawyer’s practice at all points of contact with clients, lawyers can offer fee financing solutions for the first time. Designed specifically for the legal industry, for which we can reinvent the legal fee payment experience.



The LawFi Platform

We are building a proprietary lawyer procurement and legal fee lending platform capable of underwriting and generating the industry's first legal fee loans.


Our AI-data-driven legal fee loans and guaranteed payment plans will enable superior payment options for legal clients and faster payments for lawyers.


LawFi will comprise three core elements: (1) a point-of-service payment or loan solution for consumers and SMEs, (2) legal merchant payment and financing solutions, (3) and a client-focused web and mobile service.​  


Automate, Simplify, and Speed Up fee agreement execution, retainer and invoice payments, and A/R collections with LawFi legal fee financing solutions. 

It's easy and FREE to join the LawFi Legal Merchant Network. Just sign up on the LawFi website. Within minutes you are ready to offer your clients legal fee financing options that help you dramatically grow your practice.


With LawFi you can easily add financing options to your practice. Add Request-for-Loan links to all your desktops and mobile devices, email signatures, text and messaging, marketing materials, advertising, promotions, engagement agreements, invoices, and all other contact points with your current and prospective clients. Letting people know you are a LawFi Merchant empowering Access to Justice can help you attract and retain more clients.      

Our platform makes it easy for law firms and lawyers to offer legal fee financing options to prospective and existing clients, converting them into paying customers
With LawFi, Lawyers can take on cases and new clients with confidence knowing their legal fees will be paid.  

Access to Justice 

Legal Aid Support

Legal Aid Offices around the country are largely understaffed and underfunded. As a result, too many cases are turned away leaving legal consumers to face their legal problems without the representation they need. 

LawFi is committed to developing several innovative products and programs to support legal aid offices throughout the country to help increase funding for legal aid. 

LawFi's Legal Aid Support Initiatives are another way we will help to fill the Acess to Justice gap.  

Top Grade Security

Your legal matters and personal information will always be confidential, safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems

Rest assured that all your information will be carefully protected and secure. 

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